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Marine Biology Camos and Trips

May 11, 2010

Marine biology camps and trips are now available in many cities near the coast all over the world. They offer a wide variety of activities for groups or individuals. It is an excellent opportunity for children to explore their interests in the field of Marine Sciences. They can experience on a daily basis a day camp or a multi-night sleepover in a residential camp. They give children hands-on close-up experience with the animals. Kids can interact with, feed and swim with endangered wildlife.

Where To Find Them

Marine Biology Summer Camps are held all over the US in coastal cities. SeaWorld holds its Adventure Camps in Tampa Bay and Orlando, FL, San Antonio, TX and San Diego, CA. Marine Bio Camp at Sea starts off in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and the majority of time is spent in Bimini in the Bahamas, 55 miles to the east. Catalina is 25 miles from the coast of Long Beach, CA.

Similar camps are also offered in Wilmington, NC, Cambria, CA, Grand Manan Island, Maine, Canada, Big Pine Key, FL, Seal Harbor, Maine, Awendaw, SC, and many other locations. Some are held out of the USA in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Australia, Honduras, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Activities at Marine Biology Camp

Because there are so many options to choose from, activities at only several of the above locations have been described below to give an example of what is available. Each has its own advantages, but they cater to the child and the age range.

SeaWorld hosts activities for children from grade 4 through college. Classes for younger kids include getting to know animals, learning how to care for the animals and how to boogie board. Classes for older kids teach what a person needs to know pursuing a career in animal care field. This is a hands-on look at preparing animal food, clean-up and working with animals and the people who care for them. They also learn how to surf and snorkel.

Marine Bio Camp at Sea accepts children from age 14 to 18. They explore the work that is performed on research vessels. They learn about and swim with dolphins. The gentle introduction to the sea offers an opportunity to become comfortable with the sea.

Catalina Junior Sea Camp is for kids 8 to 12. These kids enjoy snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, hiking trails and learning about the ocean. After snorkeling and seeing hundreds of fish in the ocean, kids come back and learn more about these fish species in the fish and shark labs which are stocked with fish in aquariums, pictures, specimens and exhibits. There is also an algae lab where kids learn the many types and uses of seaweed today. They are also taken aboard a research flat top boat and brought out to sea to perform experiments. Afterwards, the samples are taken back and microscopes allow the children to see plankton in the lab. There are also invertebrate and marine mammal labs in which the children can touch the invertebrates in tanks and see and touch skeletons of mammals.

Catalina Sea Camp is for kids 12 to 17. These older kids SCUBA, snorkel, sail, surf, and kayak. They also take courses in Marine Biology, Invertebrates and Ichthyology, Ocean Exploration and Discovery, Aquarium Design, Maintenance and Behind the Scenes, Hot Topics in Marine Conservation, and Seafood Cookery. They also take courses in Arts and Crafts that include painting, nature sketching and photography, jewelry design and creation. Kids also have an opportunity to help plant to revegitate the island clean up the shorelines.


Six nights at SeaWorld costs $1025 for grades 4 to 6, $1075 for grades 7 to 9 and $1125 for career camp for grades 10 to 12. Tuition runs from $2495 at Marine Bio Camp at Sea. Catalina Junior Sea Camp costs $1150 for one week. Catalina Sea Camp costs $3300 for three weeks.